Things jodi does

One of the first steps is to falsely claim domestic violence and get an Ex parte protective order.  This only requires you to lie on a form and to a judge.  In the state of Indiana a woman cannot be prosecuted for lying on these forms or at the hearing because they are protected by the legislature.  This way you can keep them away from their house and kids and you.  Also you get ALL the property at the residence for yourself until he can get an attorney and court date.  Don’t forget to include your home, work, school, kids school/activity areas etc. as places he can’t be on the form.  Ex Parte means one party, which means he won’t even know you are doing it until its already done.  Have him served the order by the police and if you are lucky like jodi, just the claim of felony domestic violence was enough to stop him from working.  The picture below is the actual order that jodi got the judge to issue.  It was in effect for about 90 days until they went to court.  But by then he was screwed.

As you can see the order was issued because of claims of violence.

jodi filed and prepared everything while her husband was out of the country and not even home yet.  jodi filed for divorce and had her “friend” the state trooper “serve” him at a place he wasn’t even at.  Other officers who were actually tasked by the court to serve him there were unsuccessful as he wasn’t there.  Jodis tactics demand that full custody and 50% of the assets the husband worked for wasn’t enough.  she pressed for more and got it.  she actually physically kept everything.  Even after the judge court ordered her to give her ex husband personal property she simply refused with no repercussions by the court or prosecution whatsoever.  You see, in Steuben County Indiana the prosecutor will ONLY prosecute the husband for non payment of ordered support, not to enforce the ex wife to actually obey the court order.  The prosecutors office chooses to only file on the ex husband and not the wife for any part of the court order except support.  So as jodi uses the prosecution’s office to file criminal charges for non payment of support she simultaneously demands that law pass her over for contempt and force the husband to hire a private attorney to pursue the enforcement of the entire court order.  You see, this forces the ex husband to choose between paying an attorney to get his things back (the property still left that she hasn’t gave away to guy friends or sold) and paying his support.  Either way he is screwed.  If he pays support he won’t be able to afford an attorney to get his property back (and no inventory was ever done on it anyways, so she only has whatever she says she has), if he hires an attorney to enforce the court order he won’t be able to pay his support and will have felony charges filed on him and be forced to hire yet another attorney to try to keep him out of jail and working.

During this whole time jodi loves to weaponize the children.  Use them to get at their father.  Tell them lies about him and what really happened.  By the time the children find out the truth they will be much older and their dad will be far out of the picture by then.

The moral of the story being; ladies you don’t have to abide by the court order as the prosecutor will do nothing to you.  Guys, you better pay full support or they will file felony charges on you.  Of course in Indiana there is a 90% chance that the mother will get full custody of any children, so do what you need to do as it will not affect your custody hearings whatsoever.